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Why Ekam IAS Academy ?

Best UPSC Academy in Hyderabad-EKAM UPSC ACADEMY Our faculty is a source of inspiration, carefully selected by an expert panel to ensure a high standard of subject knowledge. Our preparation strategy revolves around a Mains-oriented approach for UPSC, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of the subjects. To facilitate effective learning, we maintain small batch sizes, with a maximum of 60 students per class, enabling personalized attention and interaction. Scheduled personal interactions occur daily, weekly, and monthly, providing students with the opportunity to engage with faculty and expert mentors regularly. Staying current with daily, weekly, and monthly affairs is made seamless through our dedicated current affairs support. Moreover, students benefit from frequent interactive sessions with serving IAS and IPS officers, gaining valuable insights. To gauge progress and reinforce learning, we conduct weekly Prelims and Mains tests with detailed explanations. Understanding that each student is unique, we offer personalized strategies tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Daily Mains answer writing practice, accompanied by detailed explanations, further enhances the preparation journey for our aspiring candidates.


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Our Exclusive Study Material for Our Students

The importance of good study material cannot be overstated in the success story of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) aspirants. While most of the institutes take it as a burden to provide comprehensive study material, we at Ekam IAS work relentlessly to give our students the best. The fact that 63 questions in the Prelims 2023 appeared from our study material is a testimony of our efforts.
A team comprising of 14 research scholars contribute their services under the guidance of Dr S M Azad Sir in making these study materials most comprehensive and apt for UPSC Examination. The books referred in the preparation of these study material span across Indian and Foreign authors, who have excelled in that particular subject. All efforts are made to build the foundational knowledge of the students reading this study material.
Any student attending our classes, if goes back home and revises our study material, we can guarantee he/she will excel in the examination with flying colours. Maps, tables and images are intertwined with the content to make it lucrative for the students to read and remember. The research scholars working in the development of quality study material carry an onerous task of being invisible teachers in helping the students in their preparation journey. This is probably the reason, students studying in other institutions also come and buy these books from our offline store at the Academy at Hyderabad. If you are also aspiring to make it big in UPSC, then don’t miss to get your hands on our study material.